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Through following a series of devotional practices, which lead to higher levels of ecstatic state, Sufis aspire to realise a condition in which they are in direct communion with God. By educating the masses and deepening the spiritual concerns of the Muslims, Sufism has played an important role in the formation of Muslim society.

Supported by the Ottomans, Naqshbandiyyah flourished until the demise of the Ottoman empire and the establishment of a secular state under Kemal Ataturk in Turkey. This order continues today and thousands of visitors attend its annual festival in Tanta, Egypt.

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In the twentieth century, some Muslims have called Sufism a superstitious religion which holds back Islamic achievement in the fields of science and technology.

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Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Possibly deriving from Yasawiyyah is the Bektashiyyah order. It is thought to have originated from the Islamic Prophet Mohammad who passed it on to Ali, his cousin or Abu Bakr, the father in-law.

About this resource This Religious Studies and Theology essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Such was al-Hallaj's sense of the intimate presence of God that he sometimes appeared to be identifying himself with God.

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In this view, Islam is the best religion, because Muhammad is Islam. Like the other Turkish orders it was banned in by the Ataturk government; the last master of the order died in In the 18th century the Islamic world fell under the influence of a reform movement called Wahabiyyah.

Sufi vocabulary is important in Persian and other literatures related to it, such as TurkishUrduSindhi, Pashto, and Punjabi. This doctrine states that there will always exist upon the earth a " Qutb " Pole or Axis of the Universe —a man who is the perfect channel of grace from God to man and in a state of wilayah sanctity, being under the protection of Allah.

Through the poetry of these literatures, mystical ideas spread widely among the Muslims. Out of Khalwatiyyah two other important orders emerged: Sufi Islam Sufism The term "Sufi" derives from the Arabic word "suf" meaning "wool" and was applied to Muslim ascetics and mystics because they wore garments made out of wool.

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The Sufi Orders in Islam. Sufism is the heart of the Islamic tradition established by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

It aims to perfect human beings as part of the revealed religion transmitted by the prophet which is Islam; by following a set of spiritual teachings and Muhammad’s prophetic guidance.

Sufism Essays (Examples)

Sufism or Tasawwuf: A Sect of Islam Essay In order to achieve this, a distinctive feature practiced by Sufis is asceticism which involves living a life of self-discipline and abstaining from materialism and worldly pleasures.

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Sufism Sufism, otherwise known as Islamic Mysticism, is a branch of Islam. It deals with special powers that are contained in the Qur'an. It is a more philosophical approach, where a person tries to become one with nature, and feel the power of God.

Sufism is the heart of Islam because Sufis themselves surrender internally as well as externally to the will of God, as it not only is one of their core beliefs but also they make the extra effort to surrender to the will of God, instead of mainstream Muslims who limit themselves to following the legalistic side of the religion.

Essay on Sufism: The philosophy of Sufism consists in belief in one God

Significant People and Ideas- Sufism Essay Significant People and Ideas- Sufism explain the contribution to the development and expression of Islam of Sufism analyse the impact of this school of thought on Islam Background- Sufism is the inner, esoteric dimension of Islam.

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