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Jane's "To Venus in Five Seconds". Although the majority of the audience watching this play would have been middle class, they would admire Rata due to her level of determination to gain an education.

Is Educating Rita a comedy of gender or social class - Essay Example

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The Educating Rita play discussion Essay

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Educating Rita Essays: Insights into the Play. Whether you an art student writing an analysis of the movie adapted from Willy Russell’s comedy Educating Rita, or a literature student writing a creative appreciation of the play or an Educating Rita essay; we can provide you with many fresh insights into the play that makes for an answer worth a remarkable grade.

[tags: Comedy Educating Rita Plays Essays] Powerful Essays words ( pages) Educating Rita By Willy Russell and The Social, Historical And Cultural Context Of Britain In The Late 's. “The comedy in Educating Rita is created by the clash of cultures.” ‘Educating Rita’ is a play in which the two main characters, Rita and Frank, are brought together in the world of literature and learning to provide Rita with an education and also shows how a comedy can form a clash of cultures.

Educating Rita: Society, Education and Self-Reflection Usa Padgate * Abstract Educating Rita is a play written by Willy Russell, an English playwright from Liverpool. It was voted ‘Best Comedy of the Year’ when performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in “The comedy in Educating Rita is created by the clash of cultures.” ‘Educating Rita’ is a play in which the two main characters, Rita and Frank, are brought together in the world of literature and learning to provide Rita with an education and also shows how a comedy can form a clash of cultures.

Educating rita comedy essay
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